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Clete posited, "Thank you for your review, it sounds awful."
That's what Jason does, Clete. He watches shows he hates, and then comes to his blog to tell his acolytes how much he hated it.

Then, having not watched the show Jason hated, folks like Clete chime it with uninformed comments on how much they hate those who create such shows they don't watch.

Let us examine Clete's response to the show he didn't watch -

"I didn't see the show, only remember some promos for it. Thank you for your review, it sounds awful. I guess, however, it's a step up from Scott Wolter telling someone....."

Clete, if you didn't watch the show, how can you "'s a step up" from anything?!! Oh, that's right. You're among others who hang out here saying how much they hate shows they didn't watch.

You're among friends here, Clete.

Let the pile-on begin.

Silverfish dating site

Silverfish dating site